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Monday, June 29, 2009

Miss Greece Earth 2009

Controversial Winner of Miss Greece Earth 2009

15 June 09 -- Popular delegates in national finals continue to pour in 2009 Miss Earth's roster when Dayana Igropoulou of Athens, was chosen Star Hellas' representative for Miss Earth on 15 June. Star Hellas is Miss Earth's national organizer for Greece.

Dayana, 21, stands 5'9" is engulfed with controversy when she appeared to be not so happy on her title placement. Some pundits expects her to be another Ife Bethel Sears of the Bahamas who reportedly gave up her beauty title to continue her studies. Others think that Dayana's behavior during the coronation doesn't necessarily mean that she doesn't want the Miss Earth title but instead she is expecting to win any of the other two titles at stake.

The prizes of the winners include scholarships to the Mediterranean College.

This year's Star Hellas intends to surpass its previous presentations on its 20th anniversary with different venue, new spirit, aesthetic standpoint and a message that Greeks can offer more. This year's theme is, "Beauty is just the beginning. To become a star, you need something more." This year's presenter is Vicky Kagia, the hostess of Breakfast coffee.

There are 23 delegates who competed in the pageant.

Since 1989, the pageant is aired every year on Greece's private network ANT1.

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