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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The True First "Miss Universe" Of The History

The true first "Miss Universe" of the history
Lisl Goldarbeiter, Miss Universe 1929 (Austria)

Lisl Goldarbeiter wearing the official crown “The International Pageant of Pulchritude”, where the winner was named "Miss Universe"

The Miss Universe Pageant began officially in 1952, in Long beach California, USA since then, it has been celebrated consecutively. The winners got world wide fame and great contracts with sponsors of the pageant. Although Miss Universe comes from the inspiration of other beauty pageant held in the decade of 1920 in Galveston, Texas, USA named “The International Pageant of Pulchritude”, where women representing each State of USA and women representing their country competed together for the title for first time in 1926.

The first winner was Catherine Moylan of Dallas, Texas, but it was in 1929 when the winner was named “Miss Universe” due many countries taking part.

Austria's Lisl Goldarbeiter is the first woman named Miss Universe

In 1929 was the first time an International contestant won the Pageant, she was Austria’s Lisl Goldarbeiter, the day after her photo was in all newspaper called her "Miss Universe".

Lisl born on March, 23 1909, she grew up in Vienna in modest circumstances, first won the title of Miss Austria in 1929 at the Austrian beauty contest, finishing ahead of 600 other contestants.

She finished second at the Miss Europe beauty contest in Paris, where the first Hungarian beauty queen, Böske Simon won.

That year the beauty queens of the world set sail to the United States to compete against the American beauties in Texas.

This is where Lisl was voted the first Miss Universe by a unanimous decision of the jury. She received $2,000 in gold and a large silver plaque. She now suddenly world famous, received various invitations and an offer from Hollywood, Miss Lisl Goldarbeiter "Universe" blushed when offered a $15,000 theatrical contract which entailed appearing in a tight bathing suit four times daily, "Papa must decide," she said, as well many artists and celebrities wanting to spend some time with her.

She traveled extensively and, having rejected numerous suitors, finally married Fritz Spielmann, heir to a silk necktie fortune in Vienna.

These golden years in Vienna came to an end when Hitler's Germany annexed Austria. They lost nearly everything in the war, the adventure of life carried-on and Lisl finally found a home in Budapest in 1950, she died on December 14, 1997.

Marci Tenczer, her cousin faithfully recorded it all on film and in 2006 a documentary was made with his material.

She was crowned in Galveston Texas as "Miss Universe 1929"

The new "Miss Universe" and finalists

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