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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Miss World : Controversies Surrounding The Pageant

Miss World : Controversies Surrounding The Pageant

Miss World 1973
In 1973, Marjorie Wallace, the first American to win the title was forced to relinquish the title 104 days into her reign. Pageant officials stated that Ms. Wallace "had failed to fulfill the basic requirements of the job." The title which would have been offered to the 1st runner-up was turned down by Evangeline Pascual of the Philippines.

Miss World 1974
The 1974 winner Helen Morgan representing the United Kingdom was forced to resign four days later after it was discovered she was a single mother.

Miss World 1980

The 1980 winner Gabriella Brum of Germany resigned one day after winning, initially claiming her boyfriend disapproved. A few days later it emerged that she had been forced to resign after it was discovered that she posed naked for a magazine.
Miss World 1998
Just days after her 1998 crowning, Israel's Linor Abargil revealed that she had been raped only two months before the pageant. One of the highlights of her year was seeing her accused rapist convicted.

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