2009 Beauties

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The New Miss Universe 2009 Crown

Choose the new miss universe crown & you could meet miss universe!


sparkling rows of gemstones sweep in graceful loops around mesmerizing pear cut cultured rubies, gliding from one to another with breathtaking ease. these swirling, flowing forms lend a sense of smooth connectedness throughout the design, while the vertical elements evoke feelings pf inspiration and bold.


the gentle arches and delicate bezel set accents of this design create a smooth, sweet look with a stubly refined grace. each shimmering oval, filled with a repeating array of round brilliant and marquise cut gemstones features a deep, dazzling cultured ruby at its heart. a hint of classical elegance further.


soft curves and upward sweeping lines give this vibrant design a light, aerial quality. a band of alternating marquise and round brilliant cut jewels creates an intricate and captivatingbase while spokes of cultured rubies and diamond stimulants at the center of each oval establishes a strong, confident.

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